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Try to find fresh basil in Boston during March, I dare you!  It’s no easy venture, and serves as quite the inconvenience as I regularly make Italian inspired dishes.  Farmers Markets are just coming into season, super markets neglect the finer foods for extended sell-by dates, and Sherman Market is just too far across the river.  So, what are you to do when your meal depends on that fresh flavor, and all you’re offered is Stop & Shops’ withering excuse of an ingredient? It might sound a bit crazy, but I recommend you check your local garage!

There is only one thing more refreshing than the taste of newly picked basil, and that’s the entrepreneurship that delivered it.  Marshall’s Fenway Farm Stand not only provides the freshest produce (obviously including basil), but serves as a great example of the opportunities provided by a recession.  With the help of Fenway Real Estate Developer Samuels & Associates, Bob Marshall was able to expand from his original Gloucester farm stand, and share his produce with Greater Boston.  Now located blocks from Yawkey Way in a repurposed garage, previously occupied by tire techs and industrial lifts, you will find a vibrant selection of farm fresh goods.  Milk sold in old-fashioned glass bottles, vegetables of every sort, marinated steaks, and pickled treats will have you forgetting your metropolitan home for a moment, and relishing in the flavors of the countryside.

Caleb Hutchings


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A few months have passed since my hilarious bicycle accident in which I broke my collar bone.  Recovery has been slow, but I’m ready to jump back on the saddle.  By no measure would I suggest fragmenting any bones in my body would be of timely convenience, but with registration opening for Bike Not Bombs’ 2010 Bike-A-Thon, I have no complaints.

Those of us who know it, hold this JP nonprofit in high regard.  Bikes Not Bombs strives to promote peace, sustainability, and social justice through the recycling and reconditioning of used bicycles. BNB also trains and employs local teen youth within their workshops (under professional supervision) as a channel of personal/community enrichment.  The majority of donated bicycles are shipped abroad to business development initiatives and youth training programs throughout Central America and Africa.  This June 6th, BNB’s influence will be felt a bit more close to home.  The 2010 Bike-A-Thon will begin in front of the Stony Brook T stop in JP, and will be segmented into 15, 25, or 62 mile rides. Be sure to register for your spot to join hundreds of other cyclist for an awesome cause!

Caleb Hutchings

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If you’re having trouble finding groups, scenes, activities or anything in Boston, LET US KNOW.  Post a comment on this entry and we’ll try to make an article about your topic!  Most of us are fairly familiar with the city, but if we can’t answer your question immediately we’ll do a little research.  If you are having trouble finding something it’s likely others are having the same issue.  So leave a comment, and help others while helping yourself.

– Caleb Hutchings

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Groupon Boston is a new, and incredibly clever, promotional website which offers you daily discounts on local goods/services.   Savings are offered on everything from rock-climbing lessons to massages, and every day offers a new deal! A specified number of people have to agree to participate ( hence group on) in the promotion in order for the offer to come to fruition.  Most of the time that amount is reached, and you get away with a steal!

– Caleb Hutchings

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Saintly Advice is designed to help Emmanuel students interact with Boston and each other.  The site is an open forum in which any student can post an entry.  All the information needed to post can be found on the “How to Use This Site” page.  The mission is described on the About and Editor’s Letter pages.  Just log in and share.

– Caleb

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Soup Kitchen

With unemployment rising, we are beginning to see a correlated increase in volunteers.  In these financially difficult times people are refering back to simple pleasures and are contributing their free time to benefit those less fortunate.  Yet, volunteering also tends to be very self-serving.  Employers value the experience, and having those positions on your resume can win you some opportunities in nonprofits and organizations like the Peace Corps and City Year.  So volunteer, cause kids and drugs and stuff…

The Improper Bostonian provides a list of local volunteering opportunities in the back of the publication.  I believe Stuff Magazine might as well.  Here are some examples:

Arts Therapy at Whittier Street Health Center:   Volunteers use the creative arts to promote learning and well-being among developmentally challenged children and families.

 Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay:   BMB seeks volunteers to provide friendship to boys in need.

 Big Sister Association:   Volunteers act as friends and mentors to young girls.

 Boston Adult Literacy Fund:   Volunteers help teach adults how to read.

 Boston Cares:   More than 100 opportunities to volunteer.

 Citizen Schools:   Share your interests with kids by teaching at a local middle school.

 Metro Boston Coaches Academy:   Improve youth sports by training coaches.

 United Planet:   Volunteers work abroad on humanitarian projects that foster cross-cultural understanding and address global challenges.

– Caleb Hutchings

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As a fairly new vegetarian, finding deliciousness in a world full of meat can be quite a challenge. However, living in Boston makes it a little easier on herbivores that prefer to eat real vegetarian food over twigs and berries, as my mother swears I must be eating. Grasshopper, a vegan restaurant dedicated to feeding herbivorous fans of Chinese food, is a goldmine. With extremely big portions and inexpensive prices, vegans never have to worry about accidentally ordering a meal including animal products. The first time I went, my server recommended the “No Name” dish, which seems to be the number one choice at the restaurant. I complied, and didn’t regret my decision for one second. The menu at Grasshopper folds out to be 5 whole pages, needless to say there are a plethora of choices to never get tired of the place.

The most interesting thing about Grasshopper is that they cater to meat-eaters as well…or so you think. Plates on the menu are made to taste and look like chicken, beef, even seafood, so you can take your omnivorous friends as well. I went so far as taking my pre-pubescent brother who enjoys nothing more than a Big Mac, and he even enjoyed it. He ordered the Chicken-Seitan and American Broccoli, which came with a side of brown rice…Needless to say I was picking off his plate the entire meal.

There is also another treat, of which I accidentally stumbled upon, the BUFFET. Every third Sunday of the month the Allston grub spot offers 10$ all you can eat buffets, and on many occasions the servers are kind enough to let you go with a vegan “doggy” bag as well.

Everytime I go whether it’s the buffet or not, I end up having leftovers for days. Located at One North Beacon Street in Allston, MA right off the Harvard Ave T stop on the B line, come check out the restaurant where “the animals live to tell it all”.

-Billie Hirsch

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