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Try to find fresh basil in Boston during March, I dare you!  It’s no easy venture, and serves as quite the inconvenience as I regularly make Italian inspired dishes.  Farmers Markets are just coming into season, super markets neglect the finer foods for extended sell-by dates, and Sherman Market is just too far across the river.  So, what are you to do when your meal depends on that fresh flavor, and all you’re offered is Stop & Shops’ withering excuse of an ingredient? It might sound a bit crazy, but I recommend you check your local garage!

There is only one thing more refreshing than the taste of newly picked basil, and that’s the entrepreneurship that delivered it.  Marshall’s Fenway Farm Stand not only provides the freshest produce (obviously including basil), but serves as a great example of the opportunities provided by a recession.  With the help of Fenway Real Estate Developer Samuels & Associates, Bob Marshall was able to expand from his original Gloucester farm stand, and share his produce with Greater Boston.  Now located blocks from Yawkey Way in a repurposed garage, previously occupied by tire techs and industrial lifts, you will find a vibrant selection of farm fresh goods.  Milk sold in old-fashioned glass bottles, vegetables of every sort, marinated steaks, and pickled treats will have you forgetting your metropolitan home for a moment, and relishing in the flavors of the countryside.

Caleb Hutchings


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