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If you’re having trouble finding groups, scenes, activities or anything in Boston, LET US KNOW.  Post a comment on this entry and we’ll try to make an article about your topic!  Most of us are fairly familiar with the city, but if we can’t answer your question immediately we’ll do a little research.  If you are having trouble finding something it’s likely others are having the same issue.  So leave a comment, and help others while helping yourself.

– Caleb Hutchings


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Groupon Boston is a new, and incredibly clever, promotional website which offers you daily discounts on local goods/services.   Savings are offered on everything from rock-climbing lessons to massages, and every day offers a new deal! A specified number of people have to agree to participate ( hence group on) in the promotion in order for the offer to come to fruition.  Most of the time that amount is reached, and you get away with a steal!

– Caleb Hutchings

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Saintly Advice is designed to help Emmanuel students interact with Boston and each other.  The site is an open forum in which any student can post an entry.  All the information needed to post can be found on the “How to Use This Site” page.  The mission is described on the About and Editor’s Letter pages.  Just log in and share.

– Caleb

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Soup Kitchen

With unemployment rising, we are beginning to see a correlated increase in volunteers.  In these financially difficult times people are refering back to simple pleasures and are contributing their free time to benefit those less fortunate.  Yet, volunteering also tends to be very self-serving.  Employers value the experience, and having those positions on your resume can win you some opportunities in nonprofits and organizations like the Peace Corps and City Year.  So volunteer, cause kids and drugs and stuff…

The Improper Bostonian provides a list of local volunteering opportunities in the back of the publication.  I believe Stuff Magazine might as well.  Here are some examples:

Arts Therapy at Whittier Street Health Center:   Volunteers use the creative arts to promote learning and well-being among developmentally challenged children and families.

 Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay:   BMB seeks volunteers to provide friendship to boys in need.

 Big Sister Association:   Volunteers act as friends and mentors to young girls.

 Boston Adult Literacy Fund:   Volunteers help teach adults how to read.

 Boston Cares:   More than 100 opportunities to volunteer.

 Citizen Schools:   Share your interests with kids by teaching at a local middle school.

 Metro Boston Coaches Academy:   Improve youth sports by training coaches.

 United Planet:   Volunteers work abroad on humanitarian projects that foster cross-cultural understanding and address global challenges.

– Caleb Hutchings

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There are many associations within Boston which you should be looking into, but this is a more common one.  The Boston Young Professionals Association (YPA) can be found hosting events all over the city.  Most of you might be a bit young and over-budget to attend some of their events, but Seniors should be looking to get involved.  This offers an incredible networking opportunity for the younger demographic.

– Caleb Hutchings

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Shoestring Magazine is an interesting website focused on getting by on a tight budget.  It’s filled with advice on cost saving ideas for just about everything.  It was created by one of our connectors at Boston World Partnerships, and serves as a great local resource for everyone looking to save a buck.

The founder is also in the process of creating another website titled Bargainista, which is devoted to helping you live the “Good Life” for less.  She will be looking for design and photography interns soon, so send me a message if you think you might be interested.

– Caleb Hutchings

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New to Boston? Freshman? Maybe even lived here a year or two, but still don’t know what’s happening in the city? Don’t feel bad, my roommate hasn’t even been to the Northend in the four years we’ve been here!  But, it’s still a problem. No worries, Saintly Advice is here with a comprehensive manual of resources around the city.  Use them!

Boston.com:  Not only a valuable resource for news and hot nightlife venues, but it also provides an amazing list of events under the Things to Do tab.

The Weekly Dig:  IT’S FREE!  See those plastic boxes on every block corner? They do more then provide an adequate surface for graffiti.  This publication holds a lot of alternative news, and an overwhelming listing of events and venues. Comes out every Tuesday.

The Phoenix:  Another one of those Freebies!  Similar to the Dig, but don’t skip it!

Stuff Magazine:  Free again!  Magazine full of style, culture, food and events.

Boston Magazine:  Free within Greater Boston area. Covers a broad range of topics.  Culture, shopping, food, sports, etc.  Published every month.  Great place to intern I believe. 

Marksguide.com:  Extensive list of Professional Networking Events in Boston.  Key resource!

CityofBoston.gov:  An official wealth of information about the city including jobs, tourism, official initiatives around Boston, etc.

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