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A few months have passed since my hilarious bicycle accident in which I broke my collar bone.  Recovery has been slow, but I’m ready to jump back on the saddle.  By no measure would I suggest fragmenting any bones in my body would be of timely convenience, but with registration opening for Bike Not Bombs’ 2010 Bike-A-Thon, I have no complaints.

Those of us who know it, hold this JP nonprofit in high regard.  Bikes Not Bombs strives to promote peace, sustainability, and social justice through the recycling and reconditioning of used bicycles. BNB also trains and employs local teen youth within their workshops (under professional supervision) as a channel of personal/community enrichment.  The majority of donated bicycles are shipped abroad to business development initiatives and youth training programs throughout Central America and Africa.  This June 6th, BNB’s influence will be felt a bit more close to home.  The 2010 Bike-A-Thon will begin in front of the Stony Brook T stop in JP, and will be segmented into 15, 25, or 62 mile rides. Be sure to register for your spot to join hundreds of other cyclist for an awesome cause!

Caleb Hutchings


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