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As you have noticed, it has been a little while since my last post. Late one night in the end of November, after great conversation and a reunion with an old friend, I hopped on my bicycle and began pedaling my way home. Now, normally I’m a pretty aggressive rider, especially on a motorcycle, but tonight I was taking a easy cruise back to my apartment. Within a block of my home, I turned to check my blind spot as a car came up close on me, and simultaneously hit a giant pothole. My front wheel went sideways, and I shot over my handlebars like I was Clark Kent about to take flight. (I didn’t). When I stopped rolling down the street, my feet were still on the petals, and my collar bone was in two pieces. I’ve just broken out of my sling recently, so I apologize for lack of posts. ¬†However, this brings me to my next point: stop this persecution of my fragile bones, and clean up Boston just by snapping a picture with your iphone!

The City of Boston has released a Citizens Connect iPhone App which allows citizens to snap a picture of potholes, graffiti, or broken traffic lights, and send a notice directly to the city. Every message utilizes Geolocation to identify the address of each repair, and a tracking number is offered to ensure the issue is fixed promptly. Seems to be a great integration of community and city, now I just need an iPhone.

– Caleb Hutchings

P.S. (Full Disclosure) The collar bone picture isn’t actually mine. Didn’t have a camera on me in the ER.


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