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I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about internships in the past few weeks. Although it is very late in the game for next spring, I thought I would write an early post for those who are preparing for summer. Below I have provided internship programs in Boston which would be my top picks. These include organizations I have interned for, small businesses I admire, and large agencies I would nearly die to get my foot in the door. Also, Emmanuel’s EC3 portal and the Boston Business Journal both have extensive lists of organizations categorized by industry. Be sure to check them out for companies that reflect your interests. I hope this helps your search, and PLEASE DO ADD to Saintly Advice’s list!

Google Cambridge: I had to get this one out of the way. The extreme competition for Google internships makes this a pipe dream for most, but of course it is the ideal opportunity for those who are qualified. I don’t think I need to explain why, if you don’t already know don’t bother applying.

Boston World Partnerships: I can personally vouch for this non-profit located in the financial district. Founded by Mayor Menino, BWP helps business leaders worldwide understand and access Boston’s competitive advantages. It as created a global network of Boston professionals, similar to a college alumni network. Through my internship at BWP, I had the opportunity to interact with many of these Connectors, and expanded my network in the Boston economy exponentially. I also participated in core strategy sessions, created original online content for BWP’s information rich website, and supported the management of the Connector body among a host of other projects. If you care for a introduction to this organization, come out their Open Mixers which are hosted once every month. The next Open Mixer is December 14th and it’s free. See you there!

Hubspot: When I said I would nearly die to get my foot in the door this is the place to which I was referring. Hubspot is not only the authority on inbound marketing, they invented the term! Apart from mastering SEO, content marketing, engagement, and website optimization, they are also pretty freakin’ cool. Every Friday at 4:00 they host HubspotTv live from their office in Cambridge. The video podcast is entertaining as it is informative, and even if it wasn’t their refrigerator stocked full of Harpoon would lighten your mood. Keep tab on the Hubspot team by following them on Twitter: @Hubspot, and follow this List of Hubspotters

Mullen: If you asked me what marketing agency I would like to work for there would be no hesitation in my answer: Mullen. There is too much to say to fit in this post, so I insist you follow the link to their website to understand my admiration for Mullen. I would also follow @EdwardBoches and @StuartFoster, as they guide you through the proper leverage of content marketing, engagement, and social media. If you are serious about marketing, this (Hubspot aside) is the internship I would be after. However don’t put all your internship eggs in Mullen’s basket, because with over 600 resumes accepted per semester, competition is fierce.

Hill Holiday: Hill Holliday is another large marketing agency with a location in Boston. Don’t let my bias for Mullen fool you, this is an amazing opportunity and just as competitive.

Arnold Worldwide: With these three agencies (Mullen, Hill Holliday, and Arnold) the breadth of this post really can not do any justice. I merely have to refer you to their site for the majority of the information, but then again I guess that’s the point of this blog. Take my word, you want this internship.

Street Attack: Tucked away above Whiskey’s bar on Boylston is one of my favorite smaller marketing agencies, Street Attack. I heard of SA before my stint at BWP, but while I was there I was hearing about their work almost every other day. I love the company first for their creative and demonstrated ability to leverage Guerilla marketing, WOM strategies, and influencer marketing to effectively brand their clients. Secondly, I love their corporate culture. They were nice enough to invite me over for a “meet and greet” this summer, and upon entering the office I realized everyone, for the most part, was sporting jeans and t-shirts. Now, I can’t remember if it was a Friday, I shouldn’t assume that’s an everyday dress code, but I thought is was an appropriate depiction of the priorities in the office. Creativity is paramount.

Connelly Partners: I wish I found this marketing agency before I graduated. I stumbled across their website while rolling down the BBJ’s local companies list, and have been kicking myself ever since. The agency has a creative but fun corporate culture, as demonstrated by the website’s intro and company facts. Yet, their work is no joke. An internship here will provide you insight into branding strategies, account service, and competitive analysis. I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through you!

The Castle Group: A renown Public Relations firm, the Castle Group offers what appear to be a very solid internship. The people I have met from the Castle Group have been very smart, creative and personable.

Boldfacers: One of my favorite startups in Boston has to be Boldfacers. Located near the Fort Point channel, Boldfacers does Boston a huge service by highlighting young entrepreneurs, influencers, and those who are in the know. ¬†Definitely check out their website to read some of these inspiring stories, even if you aren’t looking for an internship. Lisa Piermont, Founder and Editor in Chief, is also a joy. She’s personable, funny, smart, and endlessly creative.¬†Also, I didn’t see anything on the site about internships, but there is contact information. I met one of their interns last semester, and was immediately jealous. I mean come on, they have a swing in the office!

Onein3 Boston: Headed up by Devin Cole, offers Bostonians from ages 20-34 information on financial security, networking opportunities, and government resources available to the public. It is definitely one of the most valuable resources available to our demographic. To say that Devin is connected is like saying the ocean is damp. He’s the go-to guy for many in Boston, and an internship at Onein3 would grow your network incredibly.

– Caleb Hutchings


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