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In France I would be described as a flâneur,”One who walks the city to experience it.” There isn’t much of an equivalent in English, so I refer to myself simply as an “urban adventurer.” Of these wandering adventures, my favorite would easily be those which result in food. My culinary expeditions have taken me all across the city to farmers markets in the North End, diverse grocery stores in the heart of Chinatown, and (believe it or not) former auto garages in Fenway.  Yet, my curiosity for bizarre cuisine peaked this past week during a short walk through Allston.

Tucked behind a RiteAid and a boarded/abandoned building (at least from Brighton Ave. where I found it) is Bazaar International Gourmet. Not only does the odd location eliminate the cart wielding chaos of the Trader Joe’s crowd, but after a few minutes of browsing fresh produce and imported goods, it will make you feel as though you’ve found hidden treasure. I consider the prized jewels of discovery to be the extensive variety of fresh cheeses, a deli that would make a vegan cry and a carnivore drool, and unique products ranging from mango juice to smoked goldfish. Add the fresh selection of vegetables, shelves full of imported beer, and aroma of freshly baked/cooked delights, and you have my new favorite culinary destination.

– Caleb Hutchings

P.S. Bazaar also has a location in Brookline, which is next on my list to visit.


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Phantom Food Festival

It’s starting to feel like I do PR for Phantom Gourmet and their festivities, but with the culinary adventures they throw, I don’t mind doing it for free.  The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival, which is held only blocks away on Lansdowne Street, is quickly approaching.  On Saturday 26th, the street, along with neighboring restaurants and venues, will be filled with music, purple costumes, and plenty of hungry guests.  For only $40 you get to sample the cuisine from an overwhelming list of local restaurants and vendors.  For all the details and participating vendors list check out the Phantom Gourmet!

Tickets are available in stores at local Upper Crusts, Panera Breads and Aceticket.com.

-Caleb Hutchings

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So, if I had to assign a theme to the month of June so far, it would undoubtably be RAIN.  My commutes within New England on my motorcycle have concluded with me soaked and freezing 90% of the time.  My greatly anticipated trip to Laconia for Bike Week was also thwarted by the approaching week of rain.  All this to say that I’m more than prepared for summer to begin, and Phantom Gourmet is helping me kick that off.

Phantom Gourmet’s BBQ Beach Party has brought the best names in BBQ to the Hub for a serious cookout.  Teams from Texas, Memphis and even Australia have traveled miles to bring us their secret recipes and carnivorous masterpieces.  Pulled Pork, racks of ribs and beer will be a fantastically common sight at the event, so this guarantees that my face will be also.  Tickets are only $5 online, $10 at the gate.  The ticket price doesn’t include food/drinks, but from what I hear everything is reasonably priced so you can sample it all.  

– Caleb Hutchings

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