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For most of Emmanuel College students, Rescue is common knowledge. However, during some conversations I’m still receiving a blank stare when I reference this small Allston boutique.  For those of you in the know, please excuse the redundancy. For the rest of you, I believe you will appreciate this introduction.

If you have ever spent an afternoon scouring clothing racks in Marshall’s, Goodwill, or small second-hand boutiques, you know first-hand it is an uphill battle. Apart from a few hidden treasures, quality is usually lacking or the price tag is a bit overzealous. You will be happy to hear these frustrations can be avoided with a short T ride to Allston. Rescue is a small second-hand boutique which offers quality articles of clothing at very modest prices.  Everything from tweed blazers, leather jackets, shoes, outerwear, and an impressive inventory of plaid button downs are sold, bought, and traded. Turnover is pretty quick in this store, so many patrons visit often to take advantage of the best deals. However, if you hate the B-Line as much as I do or care to avoid the hassles of the 66, Rescue updates their Tumblr on the latest arrivals, and tweets some of their goods as well!

Twitter: @rescuerescue

– Caleb Hutchings


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One of my favorite urban activities is scouring open markets.  It isn’t uncommon to catch me with a box of limes, backpack full of mangos or a couple tuna steaks.  However picking markets is a trial and error process since each one is unique.  Here’s my top three (feel free to add to the list, I know there are a couple across the bridge):

Haymarket: This is a tough one, because there is a science to it.  First off, it’s only open Fridays and Saturdays from about 9-6.  DON’T GO ON SATURDAYS! The reasoning is that everything is freshest on Friday morning, and the day makes a difference.  Make sure to inspect your food! Quality is what lacks at this market.  I only go Friday mornings if at all.  Stuff that looks good at the market doesn’t look so nice when you get it home, so be careful.  Also, don’t take anything you don’t select.  Vendors will try to pawn off their worst products early so select your own!  This is a good/only market to get seafood, but only get it Friday morning.  Make sure to pick out your steak/filet because they will try to rip you off.

Copley Market: Open Tuesday and Friday 11-6.  Copley leads the markets in food quality.  Lots of good cheeses, baked goods, actual plants, and quality vegetables.  You pay for the quality, but it’s worth the insurance.  Also, the atmosphere is much different than Haymarket, because the Newbury Street crowd/tourists will stop by.  Be prepared to motivate slow traffic in order to buy your baguette.

Southend Open Market (SOWA):  Probably the coolest of the three, the Sowa Market is a scene for local art, fashion and some food.  Not your grocery destination. Lots of local clothing designers.  Good potential for anyone looking to looking to distribute their talent.  Great atmosphere.  Downside is it’s only open Sundays.  Definitely check it out!

-Caleb Hutchings

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