I love tradition. Now, before this post goes off echoing the screenplay of Fiddler on the Roof, I should probably clarify. I love when the best characteristics of a culture or time are preserved for future generations to experience. It’s the way your grandmother can bake the best creations you ever tasted, it’s the quality Harley maintains by still building bikes by hand, and it’s the celebrations that strengthen the fabric of every culture. One of my favorite activities is visiting local shops that model this definition of tradition by adhering to their time tested methods of service. Going on 77 years, I can think of no better example than Polcari’s Coffee.

Polcari’s Coffee has provided the Northend community with coffee, spices, pasta, nuts, and almost any ingredient you could imagine for the past 3/4 of a century. Located on Salem Street, my favorite street in all of Boston, you can avoid the constant battle for the sidewalk on Hanover, and the Mike’s Pastry mess that grinds your travel down the pace of molasses (which I believe Polcari’s also sells).

One step into Polcari’s and you’ll see why it is my favorite store. The walls are lined with jars full of exotic spices and coffees, while wooden bins on top of window sills hold masses of nuts and candy. Yet, the old general store style isn’t the only thing which has been preserved over time. You’ll swear the prices also froze 77 years ago, as most spices are only 50 cents an ounce. So, who man’s this store impervious to time and inflation? I can nearly guarantee you’ll be greeted by Bobby, as he’s been behind the counter for the past 22 years. Bobby is one of those guys who loves his job, and thus makes the experience even more enjoyable! Polcari’s might not include a matchmaker or a musician who perches dangerously on top of neighboring homes, but it has created a tradition of service in the Northend that all of Boston can appreciate.

– Caleb Hutchings


Dining Deals MMC Style

Full Disclosure: I am a former intern of MMC, but I dare you to find a more extensive list of delicious frugality!

Besides a hilarious and lovable staff, an adorable boutique, and a 5 year history of impeccable Public Relations, MMC possesses another attractive asset: the m.blog. Full of amusing observations, opinions on popular culture, and fashion speculations, the m.blog is sure to provide an entertaining read. However, the blog’s coverage of local culinary offerings is what has earned its spot on my Google Reader.

MMC’s Boston Recession Dining Deals post provides a long list of promotions offered by restaurants all across Metro Boston. Let’s be honest, if 50 cent tapas from Masa aren’t the silver lining on our present recession, I don’t know what is. (Well, besides $1 tacos from La Verdad.) Prixe-fixe dinners, discounted appetizers, and  free pizza on trivia nights are also included to ensure you stretch you dollar to its max! I would continue down the list, but Alyssa’s post on the best blueberry pancakes in town has me running out the door. I can already taste the maple syrup!

– Caleb Hutchings

Boston Tweeple

Boston Tweetup

Apart from the historical symbolism, higher education, innovation, and kick ass clam chowder, Boston boasts a very valuable network of Tweeple. Executives from marketing agencies, industry experts, restaurants, niche groups, networking associations, etc. constantly tweet information, events, and promotions specific for those within the city. If you aren’t on Twitter already, here is an ultimate guide to facilitate your debut (via @JoselinMane). Below is a list of local Twitter handles for individuals and organizations which will keep you on top of the latest information within the city:

@BostonTweet: BostonTweet offers constant information about events, promotions, news, and anything else he stumbles upon between trips to Anna’s Taqueria and the Publick House. A must for all locals!

@BostonTweetup: Provides updates and information about all local Tweetups. A calendar for all Tweetups is also provided on their website.

@JoselinMane: A BWP Connector, serial networker, and the face of BostonTweetup, Joselin is great to follow for realtime updates of Tweetups and related information!

@IFFBoston: For movie news and info on the Independent Film Festival, this is a must follow!

@YouIntern: Will keep you informed of the latest internship opportunities and individual reviews on past internships.

@TeaPartyBoston: As one of our recently posts explains, TeaPartyBoston will keep you posted on events, shops, and promotions that are missed by other publications.

@DartBoston: Hosts amazing events for young entrepreneurs titled “Pokin Holes.” In these forums panelists and the audience weigh in on a proposed business plans from young professionals.

@EatBoston: A great source of culinary news, restaurant deals, and local food festivals.

@Morgan1st: Another BWP Connector and best friend to all Boston wine lovers, Morgan First will not let a wine event pass without sending you an invitation!

@Onein3Boston: One of the best networking organization for young professionals, and its information rich site provides valuable resources for financial security and community involvement.

@GrouponBoston: As we’ve covered in a earlier post, Groupon Boston offers the best promotions in the city, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

@ECRadio: Needs no introduction. Live the Dream.

Feel free to add to the list…

– Caleb Hutchings   @CalebHutchings

Picture 1Picture 9

For most Bostonians it is a knee jerk reaction to consult the Digg, Phoenix, and Stuff when searching for events or restaurants. Now, I do take a great deal of valuable information from these publications, but occasionally coverage of some of Boston’s most interesting offerings slip through the pages of salon advertisements and adult escort listings. For these outliers, a plethora of niche sites exist to keep Boston informed. We’ve mentioned the value of the LoadedGun, Phantom Gourmet, and Artsboston. Now it’s time for a TeaParty.

Tea Party Boston provides engaging articles highlighting local concerts, arts/entertainment, fashion, and food. I stumbled across the site on Twitter, and was intrigued to find articles covering many events I attended in the last few months. My favorite discovery, however, was their article depicting the Sherman Market. I haven’t made my way up to Union Square yet, but with their Twitter feed streaming the arrival of local cheeses and Moon Brine pickles, it’s just a matter of time.

– Caleb Hutchings

Boston Jobs Blog

500 Boylston

As you begin to search internships for college credit, your first priority is dusting off that resume you’ve been neglecting. You’ve taken the required Internship course and refined your credentials a bit, but I would take a second look. There is an overwhelming source of cover letter and resume advice on Twitter, but since most of my undergraduate friends still have to join that network, I’m recommending an informational blog with local representation.

Boston Jobs Blog hosts a wealth of interviewing tips, resume editing advice, and recommendations for shaping your cover letter. I made the mistake of assuming my interviewing skills were up to par before going on some simple meet and greets. Trust me, don’t take practice interviews or interview preparation for granted. Constantly updating your resume to reflect your accomplishments rather than the “tasks” of your experience will also be the difference of receiving an offer or being passed by.

– Caleb Hutchings



So we’ve covered how epic the Hoot is, now I’m here to tell you when it’s going down. “A Night of Sea Songs” will be held Saturday October 24th at the Democracy Center : 45 Mt. Auburn, Cambridge from 7:30-11:00pm.  A dense sentence, but it did the job.  All musicians will be allowed to play two songs to serenade their peers. Read the official invitation below: 


“Please come and share a maritime song or shanty for us all to stomp along to. Everyone is allowed to play – as many sea songs as you know – 2 songs at a time to keep things moving. There will be a $2 cover so that we can break even on renting the room/posters. You really won’t want to miss this. it will also be Mama Bird’s release of the Grand Ole Hoot live recording. get your copy kid”

Caleb Hutchings


Emmanuel is not on the forefront of social media, or close.  @Bostontweet recently had a competition on twitter to find which school represented the most on the micro-blogging site.  Emerson ended up winning the title while Emmanuel didn’t get a mention. Since we’re usually confused for them we might as well take a book out of their page.  

To turn this tide, Saintly Advice is now Tweeting new posts, events and INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES you won’t find on EC3.  A post on the benefits of Twitter, especially in Boston, is coming soon for all the naysayers.

– Caleb Hutchings